Wastewater Treatment

We are highly specialised in on treatment of complex wastewater especially sewage/ or storm water network, small or a large treatment plants, retrofitting/ or upgradation of existing treatment plants with suitable technology to achieve the required disposal standards.

Our solutions are highly user friendly to operators/ plant managers and suit individual treatment plant requirements. For each project whether it is new or existing, best possible approach/expertise is applied in selection of the most suitable technology, superior quality equipment, smart process automation whilst taking care of client’s requirement.

We are specialised in treatment of UASB effluent, Upgradation of MBBR, Tertiary treatment plants for various waste water treatment technologies.

Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Disposal and its Management is a major challenge these days in any developing country. It refers to collection and treatment of solid wastes and offering solutions for its recycling. The Solid Waste management is about safe disposal, treatment, recycling and recovery of the valuable resource.

The primary factor of the efficient solid waste management is to segregate the waste at source and to ensure the waste goes through different streams of recycling and resource recovery and finally reduce the residue deposited scientifically in sanitary landfills or other economical methods.

We design and Install Composting and Biogas solutions for different kinds of solid waste.

Rural Sanitation

India being a vast country with most of the population in Rural areas , Sanitation has become utmost urgent for rural areas .National efforts are in place to eliminate open defecation across India and still a great challenge to eliminate and change the behavioural norms as it remains highly neglected for quite a long time. Rural areas are under stress as never before, from water quality degradation, requirement of resources, water pollution of natural water bodies and more. For managing the natural resources, improving the ecologies and understanding the complex interactions are vital in rural sanitation. Our focus is mainly on managing the available resources & their restoration, low cost treatment options of water for domestic purposes & supply for agricultural irrigation water by creating intake and outlet structures and finally managing drought with the help of recycling and reuses techniques.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting demand has increased considerably over the past few decades due to depleting ground water levels, uneven rainfall patterns and Urbanization. We are providing a sustainable and efficient solution to client’s requirements to rainwater collection, ground water recharge and reuse.We also design and install world class rainwater harvesting systems for household societies, commercial buildings, institutions as well as defence and government buildings.

Research and Development

The Research and Development is the process of applying the knowledge, basic principles of physics, chemistry, biology to create new technology/ process, products, or systems that will upscale or used in the field. The goal most often is to develop and execute chemo stat processes to full scale field application.

Currently the developing world is facing major challenges in the field of water, wastewater, sanitation and agriculture industry especially water shortage, waste disposal and environmentally safe solutions for wastewater treatment, solid waste management, recovery of resources etc. - which comprise the demand for sustainability.

The only significant answer the world has to offer to such demands and needs is based on Innovation.

The Tech-Bulls Research and Engineering Consultants is one of the leading organizations which is effectively working in the field of wastewater treatment, sanitation and solid waste management and proving solutions to the challenges through innovations and execution.