About Us

About Us

Tech-Bulls Research and Engineering Consultants LLP is a young, resourceful, dynamic company offering wide range of services in Domestic and Industrial Waste Water Treatment and Recycling, STPs, Solid Waste Management and Rural Sanitation.

We are highly specialized in plant layout, design and conception; new technologies development and implementing; existing plants up-grade; and treatment plant installation, operation and maintenance.

Our team comprises of several international Ph.D. specialists with more than two decades of expertise in waste management technologies with several projects in Israel, India and Brazil.

Our main headquarter is located in Israel – Tel Aviv.

A word from our CEO – Dr. Beni Lew

Waste treatment and management is of main concern around the world. Population is growing fast and the demand for food and high water quality is growing even faster. Together with that, the amount of waste (domestic and industrial wastewater and solid wastes) produced in the cities and rural areas are becoming very problematic for the environment. Treatment and recycle of waste is necessary if we want a better world for this and the generations to come. In TechBulls, we have the knowledge to give the solution that fits your company profile: small, medium or large size. Our specialists and engineers come from the best universities in Israel and USA.

TechBulls constantly develops in Israel technologies for a better world: water treatment and supply; domestic wastewater treatment and reuse; nutrient removal and reuse; industrial waste treatment and; municipal solid waste management.